How To Switch From New Facebook Back to Classic Facebook

How To Switch From New Facebook Back to Classic Facebook


How To Switch From New Facebook Back to Classic Facebook

Do you hate the new Facebook desktop Newsfeed layout?

Well, I’m right there with you. I prefer the Classic layout too!

If you really prefer the Classic Facebook layout over the new one you can use Matt’s awesome new browser extension called Old Layout to lock your Facebook Newsfeed to the Classic layout.

And by the way, works even if the “Classic Layout option has already been removed from Facebook’s main menu!

Just follow the steps below to install the Old Layout extension on the browser that you use to access your Facebook account:

1 – Visit and click the Install from [browser] button.

2 – Click either the Add button or the Add Extension button (which one you see will depend on which browser you’re using).

3 – Click the Add to [browser] button.

4 - If you don't see the icon, it might be collapsed. Click the puzzle piece to see all your extensions and "pin" it so it shows up.

5 - Select Enabled

6- No enjoy

Old Layout Is Not Perfect!!!
This extension works by telling Facebook that you are actually using an old browser, which its new redesign doesn't support.

BUT... there are some side-effects of that. Some features may not work perfectly, some might not be available at all (i.e. Video Chat), and there may be some visual quirks.

Unfortunately, I can't do much about those things. Facebook thinks you are using an old browser, so it disables some things that won't work in old browsers. That's just a trade-off.

That’s it – you’re done! There are no settings to change or options to select!

Now that the Old Layout extension is installed on your browser your Facebook Newsfeed should already be set back to the Classic layout. If not, simply close your browser and re-open it.

Important: If you get a message at the top of Facebook telling you to upgrade your browser you can simply ignore it.

That message is displayed because Facebook thinks you are using an old browser, therefore it prompts you to update to the latest browser version.

The Facebook code doesn’t know you are actually using the latest version of your browser because this extension basically tricks it into thinking you’re using an older browser that doesn’t support the new layout.

That causes Facebook to revert back to the Classic Layout so you can access the site.

And now, one final note…

You can trust this extension not to access your Facebook account in any way or read any of your data. All it does is force Facebook to be displayed using the Classic Layout – nothing else.

Pretty cool, right?

Happy Facebooking using the Classic Layout (at least until Facebook figures out a way to thwart this extension, which is certainly a possibility)!
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